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Clarke Sexton

Guitarist | Singer | Songwriter | USA

"So thankful for you and your team, J! Absolute honor to work with you my friend. This board is a dream!"

Nathan Finochio

Artist | The Royal Royal

"My buddy Jordan does tone and deck building and he's been absolutely meticulous. I gave him a tonal reference recently for an album I'm working on and he built out PERFECTLY a deck. Highly recommend. He's here in Franklin, TN but works internationally also."

Jaron Reichert

Guitarist | Ontario, CA

"Thank you so much for your precision and expertise on my board. I am enjoying playing on a whole new level. The tone is so gorgeous - clear and articulate. No more surprises when I play... other than how amazing it sounds. Your knowledge of the ins and outs of proper chain structure, pedal placement, and passion for nothing short of excellence is second to none. 

Thank you a thousand times over!"

Joshua Skelton

Guitarist | Nashville, TN

"Dude... it was GREAT! It was so cool to be able to pull up David Gilmore and country twang tones right on the same board. We did very different sounding tracks and that board was ready for all of em. Totally killer. 

Thanks again for the great board and the help tonight!"

Fred Saint-Felix

Guitarist | NY, USA

"When it comes to troubleshooting, pedalboard layout, and understanding power usage, JS Guitar Systems is one person I would send anyone and everyone to! Go follow his business he's been super helpful for me in countless situations."

Joel Augé

Artist | Musician

"Thanks JS Guitar Systems! Get your custom pedalboard here! Best in the biz!